PPJ Healthcare Enterprises, Inc.

PPJ Healthcare Enterprises, Inc.
OTC Pink: (PPJE)
PPJE is my Momentum Alert for Monday.  My Sub-Penny and Triple Zero alerts have been crushing it over the last few weeks and PPJE is primed for a possible move.  It was only a few weeks ago that the stock was trading at the very same range it is in now and a surge of buy side volume took the share price for gains of well over 100%.  Late last week the RSI started to indicate a bullish trend developing and the MACD is currently dead flat at 00.00 and looking to break to the upside to follow the RSI.  With buy side volume Monday could be explosive!!
PPJ Enterprise is a Healthcare Finance company whose main purpose is to fund capital ventures of its growing subsidiaries. The company’s mission is “To stand as the face of a public company to attract various investments to fund the financial interests of its subsidiaries.” The goal of each subsidiary is to seek ventures that improve the financial health of medical and dental practices throughout the United States; specifically technology based medical record programs and advanced medical billing software systems. PPJE has focused on one subsidiary in particular, The Automated Biller. The Automated Billing Company’s mission statement is: To enable busy physicians to streamline their insurance billing process so that they can focus more of their energy into enhanced patient care. The company envisions that The Automated Biller will make the current mundane and tedious task of insurance billing for medical procedures quick and easy so that physicians are able to spend less time billing insurance companies and more time with their patients. By leveraging technology, the physician can save both time and money on their billing processes.
Medical Billing
Professional Billing Service, one of PPJ Healthcare Enterprises’ main subsidiaries, focuses primarly on the groundbreaking medical billing system known as The Automated Biller. This new software system promises to make the mundane and tedious task of insurance billing for medical procedures quick and easy so physicians are able to spend less time billing insurance companies and more time with their patients.
Practice Management Consulting Services
The company is committed to helping physicians and medical practices streamline their business practices so they can focus more of their energy on enhanced patient care. They offer an individualized approach to helping practitioners in any field of medicine reach their full potential. By leveraging the most up-to-date technology, they help doctors save both time and money.
PPJ Healthcare Enterprises recently reached a strategic consulting agreement with Hemp Inc. to conduct medical marijuana potency tests through an affiliate lab that can test for THC, THCA, CBD, CBG, CBN, CBDA, beta-Caryophyllene, Linalool, beta-Myrcene and D-Limonene. The company believes that this agreement offers PPJ Healthcare Enterprises a unique opportunity to offer its extensive expertise in a burgeoning field.
PPJ Healthcare Enterprises is entering an exciting time in its history with a number of new and ongoing ventures that promise to revolutionize the way physicians run their medical practices and the way patients seek and receive treatment.
The company’s newest venture is a result of its recent strategic consultant agreement with The Industrial Hemp and Medical Marijuana Consulting Company Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Hemp Inc. (OTC: HEMP). The partnership calls for PPJ Healthcare Enterprises to conduct medical marijuana potency tests through an affiliate lab that can test for the compounds THC, THCA, CBD, CBG, CBN, CBDA, beta-Caryophyllene, Linalool, beta-Myrcene and D-Limonene.
Often referred to as a revolutionary new “medical billing service in a box,” the groundbreaking Automated Biller software system comes with all of the equipment and the accompanying resources to bill as a professional billing service. All medical billing regulations are built into the software code so medical professionals can feel confident that medical insurance claims that are generated using The Automated Biller will be reimbursed. The system addresses initial coding and billing as well as all insurance denials. It also collects payments from patients and processes all insurance payments to match the respective patient accounts and hard and soft collections, while maintaining all insurance regulation changes to ensure timely payments.
As nationally renowned experts in the field of medical billing, this subsidiary of PPJ Healthcare Enterprises offers clients a guaranteed 30 percent increase in their collections over their previous service within 3 months. Many of PBS’s customers experience savings of up to 50 percent or more! The company’s ability to tailor-fit billing systems to meet the specific needs of a variety of medical disciplines allows it to ensure accurate, streamlined billing that complies with all industry standards.
Pain management center
They assist in creating management plans for patients who are suffering from chronic pain as a result of a wide range of disorders, diseases or other medical complications. Their specialists offer pain treatments that are contemporary, highly effective and customized to each patient’s needs. Upland Chronic Pain Care offers treatment options for all types of conditions – both simple and complex.
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